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Friday, 30 December 2016



This a part of my daily commute. Take a close look, what do you see? Above the heads of everyone on board are the posters which say #IBelieveYou and ‘Believing is sweeping across Alberta,’ (tip: it’s not), but lost in these transit adverts is a more pernicious message. 

These posters began as a single image here or there: one or two posters per train, but they grew quickly and now we are inundated with the message: believe sexual assault survivors. But what comes as a necessary corollary to crime? A victim and a perpetrator; we believe the victim; we indict the presumed perpetrator by default. Our current government in Alberta is aware of this fact, and it aims to remake the province in its own image, and its bastion in Edmonton is the front line.

New Faith

The NDP message here is part of a new faith, the faith of liberalism. That all are good, none do wrong on their own volition, mankind has no corruption, and the idea that a crime like sexual assault could be lied about, misconstrued, or manipulated for good feels or personal gain is beyond the purview of the Liberal mind and heretical to its faith in the immutability of the victim.

Faith: it is encapsulated in the words Believe, but this is precisely in the inverse of Christianity’s key realization, that man is fallen, broken, does wrong, and will always do wrong, but to the liberal man is good, immutable, and we must have faith in the human goodness, the innocence of Rousseau, and we must grit out teeth and restructure society as to craft the cosmic order that will return humanity to its natural innocence. Or perhaps I misread the agenda.

Stepping Stone

Potentially worse, and the more immediate threat, is the idea that our presumption of innocence in this country is under subtle attack. This is part of the same trend as that brought to Canada the odious Human Rights Tribunals which have threatened or attacked such individuals as Jordan Peterson, Mark Steyn, and Ezra Levant, among countless other less prominent figures and average Canadians. The idea that your guilt must be proven is the most fundamental guarantor of freedom we have; democratic rights pale in comparison.

Feels Good

None of this matters to the Liberal, however, not only because it is an inconvenience to recognize that they do in fact hold a faith, and a dangerous one at that, but it also fails to matter because to the Liberal mind . . .  believing feels good. Freedom, realism, innocence of the accused, the traditional legal order, none of it matters, when it feels good to believe and console.


We would be idiotic to ignore sexual assault, and the fact is that the crime is prosecuted heavily, but it is notoriously hard to secure convictions for, and for good reason. However, simple answers, like the Liberal faith are inadequate. Sadly, most liberals will not see this until they are the ones hauled into a show trial to defender their own innocence in front of a kangaroo court or odious Human Rights Tribunal.