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Monday, 14 November 2016

The Great Hilary Clinton Data Dump Part 4

A close friend of mine, Barry has supplied me with an extensive 4,000 post highlighting the seedy dealings of the Clinton's. Barry has worked his way through a large volume of Wikileak's files, which I am not familiar with to give us some insight, into the diabolical political manipulations of Hilary Clinton. Barry is not partial to Donald Trump, but he is anti-globalist, and this is his actuating force when it comes to political activism and sympathy with the conservative position. 

Hope you guys find something interesting in what he has to say. His writing will be broken over many posts and linked as I post them. 

Note: The claims made by the author have not be investigated for veracity. The editor of the blog insists that anyone who writes determines the authenticity of their sources. If anyone see's a problem in the data presented let me know in the comments! 


Clinton Data  Dump Part 3

The candidates I know could be better we all think that, but really it comes down to someone that can save America and bring it back up and get rid of that debt while bridging relations back with Russia. Trump doesn't even compare to Hillary in how corrupt and slimey she is. On that note lets begin.

A couple of Trumps policies which literally the United States needs to get back on track and expel corruption. Just a couple to let you think. I don't want to swamp people with a book here.

1. Trump is an anti-globalist and nationalist. Trump has many similarities to Nigel Farage. In fact celebrates Nigel in what he made happen in Britain which was the Brexit referrendum to leave the E.U. (European Union).

2.  Trump is not backed up by any special interests while Hillary is backed by wall street, foreign governments (Who she will grant special privileges to and basically sell the U.S. to private interests, her backers, and third parties.). Trump is also self funded as well as gets  minor donations from people who want to support his candidacy for the presidency.

3. Trump wants to save the middle class by cutting down everyone's taxes and putting money back into the hands of everyone. This actually makes everyone richer because people spend that hard earned money with businesses. Where does Hillary's tax increase help Americans? She wants to kill the middle class and keep everyone poor. While taxing the crap out of all business owners making them leave America and go elsewhere. Killing the economy.

4. Trump is also throwing away common core which is atrocious and makes generations of peoples, well, you know. Ignorant or better yet programs triggered children filled with State propaganda.

5.  So you got an Andrew Jackson JFK type presidential candidate. That is my opinion anyway if you know any history on JFK or Andrew Jackson himself.

Last but not least I watch with interest because what happens to the U.S. happens to us. Right now were in the coldest war of our time. I was once on a branch in the Royal Canadian Air force as a Cadet in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet's. So I have experience with the military. Along with our fellow American soldiers I have many friends in both the Canadian armed forces and the United States forces. Apparently people don't know the things Hillary has done. We know what she has done. And many of us want her in jail as well. But I thought a new perspective was in order cause to many people are oblivious to the things Hillary is doing right now and has been doing her whole life.