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Monday, 21 November 2016

Coffee with a Conservative #3: Female Collective Victimhood

This is a short response to the video ATTN: SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CURE FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, which is a steaming pile of garbage attempting to institutionalize female victomhood, male aggression, and men's collective guilt. It was posted on my facebook wall by one of the cheerleaders of female victimhood, and sadly, their are a number of them in my personal life, who do not, for a second give any critical thought to the idea of the externalities caused by this mentality and its presuppositions. 

The video does not for a moment consider sex differences in violence, or how common assault is. Likewise, it is full of hyperbole and video intended to shock and disgust the viewer nothing in it is based in reality, rather it shows the most extreme forms of stranger violence without context, and overall the video assumes that common sense is sexist. Either way, here is my monologue, which some may find interesting.