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Monday, 17 October 2016

You Don't 'Always' Need TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

What the author should look like!
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How I've Been Feeling

Hey everyone, so today I am going to talk to you a little about testosterone. See, the last little while, I have been feeling like shit. I fall asleep constantly, huge decline in muscle mass, and before I had trouble (or seemed to) have trouble holding onto muscle mass. Meanwhile, I also have a very passive, occasionally falling into depression, low risk personality. I never felt the need to get out there, to win, to compete, or to fuck. The ladies of the world are under served in my neck of the woods. I knew I needed to fix something. So I cut out caffeine for awhile and hoped I'd sleep better. Yeah, I sorta did, but not great: I started to research. 

Oh Shit I Must be Low 'T'

The internet, and I am thankful for it, especially, Victor Pride at Bold & Determined and Chris at Good Looking Loser, Mike Cernovich at Danger, and Play, and the dude over at Iron&Tweed all rattled off a list of symptoms that matched up with everything I had, especially the complete absence of amorous, or libidinous needs. 

More than anything though they gave me hope. I have always had trouble keeping myself muscle bound when not in the gym on the regular. Perhaps I was low T? The answer seemed so simple!

Meeting the Doc

I had heard stories about how horrible it was to find a doctor to take young mans complaints seriously. I went to a local walk in, and they said everything sounded off, the nurse looked completely bewildered, when I said I was 24 and had no desire to fuck anything. Keep in mind this is Canada, I don't know how the system has been to other Canadians but at no point did I feel like I wasn't being listened to or taken seriously. The doctor came back and promptly deflated my hopes of getting lab work done, instead informing me to look for a family doctor because he didn't have my baseline tests and was too busy to take new patients. 

Well, shit. So I got on the phone and called up another guy a 15 minute drive away. Turns out he wasn't taking patients. The only white male doctor under 40 in a 20 kilometer radius wasn't taking patients . . . I wasn't going to go to an Arab or a woman . . . which it seems like all the GP's in Edmonton are. I pulled a hail-mary and booked with an Asian guy, who sounded youngish. 

I showed up, and he listened to my issues. I told him I thought I had iron problems due to fatigue, or perhaps testosterone issues, do to the no strength gain in 8 years of working out, I even mentioned very heavily that I do not want to get laid. He listened to every word. I found a snowflake. Within 20 minutes I was out the door with a lab requisition form. 

The Cathartic Blood Draw

A week later, when I snuck into the lab, I was so fucking happy. The catharsis of knowing that I might 'actually' feel better in the near future electrified me. I smiled and laughed with the old lady taking my blood, and that's unusual. 

Results AKA (WTF)

A week later the doctor calls me asking me to come into the clinic and speak with him. He is now my family doctor, and he is fantastic! He shows me the blood work, and asks me about 4 times If am on steroids . . .  why? Well, normal free test levels hover between 11-29 nmol/l at least from what, I have seen. I look at the page, and my testosterone is highlighted bright red. . .  Oh' shit, I must be low. Nope, sorry, 'your high, really fucking high.' Turns out my free testosterone came back at 35 nmol/l that's the top 95% of men under 25. I am literally the walking essence of masculinity. I still feel like shit, but man I am happy! I am happy, because I have no excuses. 


Two major  conclusions can be drawn from my experience: 1) the mind is overwhelmingly powerful, and you have to bring your body and mind into harmony to see the results you desire. 2) the power of sleep cannot be overstated. If your going to get by in the modern world and be at your best, nap, and sleep as much as is reasonable. Shoot for what makes you feel normal because if your like me, you can attribute your problems to something else, but they were just symptoms of too little sleep. Finally, get your testosterone levels checked if your a man you need to know. Because so many problems are associated with low T from depression to muscle loss, you just can't take a chance on living without knowledge of your body. I was lucky, I am a freak; most modern men are low.  

Now just for the hell of it. Some Rollins Band