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Friday, 14 October 2016

Up the Trump! Keep it Up Donald You Man You!

People I respect, like the wonderful Rod Dreher at the American Conservative have got it wrong on Donald Trump.

Trump's Not Broken

I still support Donald Trump, conditionally speaking, obviously I am Canadian and can't cast my vote in that horrible Republic to the south, however, as far as demagogues go Trump is the man. Even when haunted by the spectre of his Billy Bush comments. 

I only endorse Trump to the extent that his candidacy will ruin the Republican Party in America. The Republican party, is tainted and wed to business interests. And we shouldn't be upset that this nasty conglomerate of sycophantic, avaricious, puppets is falling apart. 

Trump, is a man who at least keeps fighting. I haven't witnessed a candidate show this much resolve in the heart of a media firestorm before. He fought back in the second debate, when everyone else wrote him off, and he looked better than ever doing it. 

He is a Man and Shouldn't Be Afraid of it

The Billy Bush scandal is depressing. The words were obviously not intended for public consumption. Yet, I don't know what kind of man hasn't made similar comments in the rambunctious atmosphere of a masculine assemblage. Its true men treat women like objects. We can't help it, science shows as much, that's how the masculine brain works, but until some real evidence of misconduct emerges its all just smoke in the wind. 

Furthermore, lets not joke about it being sexual assault: its not. Nor do words incriminate. I don't know how many times I've said 'I would kill that fucker,' or that 'that bitch deserves to die,' followed with an explanation of how I would do it. Yet, I haven't harmed a soul, we say stupid things all the time its human nature get over it. Trump isn't a criminal or a sexual predator at least not for this. 

Women Like This

I'd like to add a couple addendum's. First, despite protestations to the contrary, women are attracted to assholes. Trump is an asshole, the cockier you are the more women like it (to a point, I know), but the fact of the matter is women are visceral creatures just like men. A cocky, confident, ambitious man, especially one with money and fame, is like the absolute rockin model body would be to a man. So women, no doubt are receptive to Trump and like him, and he probably, generally speaking gets a warm reception from them, as they helplessly 'make a mistake,' and fall into his bed. 

When everyone criticizes Trump for being a crass misogynist, what I see is denial of women's attraction triggers, and a refusal to admit that women love 'the asshole,' because he isn't that spineless and obsequious loser that repels them like most men do. Men like to think there is retribution for men who don't give a fuck like Trump, who don't treat women particularly well, like Trump, but the fact is that these men get all the rewards. Because we are programmed to find these people attractive. 

His wife probably doesn't mind

I know I mentioned it in the video, but I will say it again. Melania Trump, probably doesn't mind Donald's philandering. She probably finds it gives her a reason to compete and keep his interest and knows that he 'chooses her' over the other women he is engaged with. I am not putting a stamp of approval on his behavior I am merely stating the obvious. You would be stupid to let a rich 1% husband who happens to be masculine and confident and ready to take on the world get away simply because he doesn't lavish you with attention all the time; I bet that's Melania's conclusion. 

Regardless we may see fallout from this simply because it's public and women don't want the perception of not fitting the idyllic image of a wife. Nor do women like to be labeled sluts. Furthermore, a wife who openly reveres her husband and acts as a supplement to his life and not an equal partner is not a fashionable thing. I shouldn't even say equal because I bet Trump see's her as equal, but I bet he also see's her as a compliment to his life, which is as a man and a woman should be. Sexual dimorphism exists for a reason. 

The Many 'Whys' of the Right

Why do we have to ignore and hide the reality facing us? Why are the Christian conservatives in such vehement denial? And why do the champions of the libertine sexual revolution get so scared of vulgarity? Don't they see this behavior as the natural consequence of unleashing of humanity's libidinous tendencies? I can't imagine a reason why Donald Trump would truly be embarrassed.