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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Great Hilary Clinton Data Dump Part #2

A close friend of mine, Barry has supplied me with an extensive 4,000 post highlighting the seedy dealings of the Clinton's. Barry has worked his way through a large volume of Wikileak's files, which I am not familiar with to give us some insight, into the diabolical political manipulations of Hilary Clinton. Barry is not partial to Donald Trump, but he is anti-globalist, and this is his actuating force when it comes to political activism and sympathy with the conservative position. 

Hope you guys find something interesting in what he has to say. His writing will be broken over many posts and linked as I post them. 

Note: The claims made by the author have not be investigated for veracity. The editor of the blog insists that anyone who writes determines the authenticity of their sources. If anyone see's a problem in the data presented let me know in the comments! 


The Great Clinton Data Dump Part #1

Now on to Hillary and Trump.

I dislike both candidates, I do wish there was better ones. We all think that. But Trump is better than Hillary in pretty much every way possible: remember that when reading. Cause Trump ain't perfect he’s old school, but does not compare to who Hillary is. I implore anyone to watch the full rallies of Trump. He’s nothing like what the mainstream media boasts and lies him to be. Stop watching little snippets of Trump on mainstream media. They are biased, edited, and made to make him look bad while turning you away from things he talks about in a wholesome fashion.

Concerning his scandals recently, I should get this off right off the start, and you should have a look.One of Trumps newest scandals, of Trump going backstage, and checking girl contestants out while theywere undressing and getting ready. 

"I found this guy’s comment, I am sorry I could not find his name but it's accurate of what owner's of pageants do.  He apparently works in the industry, but however its' very interesting and I thought I would supply it. He stated.

"There are bathroom stalls in every single theater and the girls who are more shy, underage would typically go and get changed there, for 18 year old's it’s not uncommon for them to just stand around naked, especially if there is body paint involved as it can take a couple hours. It's almost as if this election has disconnected us from reality, thousands of men work backstage in modelling events that involve underage teenagers, many of which see the models partially nude, they aren't sexually assaulting them, they aren't molesting them, they like Trump are just doing their jobs."

Concerning the tape of Trump many years back where he talks about woman on a bus with Billy Bush, pretty much every guy I know talks similarly behind closed doors; what he said is locker room talk. I don't talk like that at all, but I know a lot of people who do. And many guys do. Woman's husbands and boyfriends all round. Plus, it was a long time ago. Trump has had time to correct himself. Even so, he's not sexually assaulted anyone. He is being destroyed over being a typical guy. Now if you actually watched that tape, it sounds like Billy Bush was egging him on. Trump though reminds me of an old grandpa who's old school that comes from the 60's.

After the rape accusations against Trump started to become national Wikileaks released this. Hillary used Craigslist to hire the fake Sexual assault victims against Trump.

Democrats prepared fake Trump "grope under the meeting table" Craigslist employment advertisement in May 2016 as proven by Wikileaks: Hillary is doing it again.
On a further note on this subject Trump has witnesses that testify that they did not happen. And the people accusing him right now have enormous loop holes and their stories are not straight. And the stories come straight from Hillary's Camp used as a smear against Trump. Now if we talk about Bill Clinton, now that is another story, Hillary does anything to get what she wants.

If you really look at it Hillary Clinton, she rapes woman psychologically that were raped by her husband, sexually assaulted or groped, molested as well, on and on. This goes way, way far back many years in fact. Its been going on for a long time. Just some of the victims are below.

(Lencola Sullivan, Elizabeth Ward, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, And Sally Perdue. And Dolly Kyle Browning, Susie Whitacre, Marsha Scott, Monica Lewinsky, and Sandra Allen James.) Just to name a few. One even had an $800,000 court settlement with the Clinton`s. When you look at who Bill Clinton is you start finding a lot of disturbing things. Just one of Bill`s Victims Juanita Broaddrick.

"Here's the choice - Trump, a potty mouthed, outspoken, old school, patriotic, rich loudmouth OR Hillary, a corrupt lawyer, an evil mother to a child who's not Bill's and denies Bill seeing his son from a prostitute who threatened the mother and had her pushed out of a window, a mob boss who's had personally over 70 people assassinated, a fraudster who put the 13 Billion dollar aid money for Haiti in her pocket, a liar who lied to congress and committed perjury for the emails, broke the law when she discussed classified info on an illegal server, a murderer who denied 600 emails asking for help from the murdered Benghazi heroes, a woman who has lawsuit after lawsuit against her in the past but her mobster clan killed people or bribed them to get her off, a woman who is in collusion to sign over your country to a third party, a woman who started and funds and weaponizes ISIS/Al-Qaeda while telling the world that's who we are at war with ---- the list is endless." 

The Great Clinton Data Dump Part #3