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Monday, 26 September 2016

Shout Out to Three Other Blogs

Before I begin writing other things (eg) working on the newest manuscript). I'd like to let my modest readership know, and show my appreciation for three fantastic blogs. Each of these blogs are immensely more prolific, unlike myself. I don't consider myself a blogger, rather a dabbler, who works on books and education while tipping my hat to toward internet media from time to time. However these blogs are unparalleled. I could offer further recommendations, and for anyone interested leave a comment, but for now to the point. 

Throne, Altar, Liberty: Possibly the best Canadian bog I've ever read and mandatory reading for anyone who considers themselves a Tory in contemporary Canada. I do not agree with everything Gary writes (then again I don't agree with everything I write). However, Gary reads quickly and is incredibly perspicacious. If anyone wish to familiarize themselves with the Canadian conservative tradition Throne, Altar, Liberty is the best place to start.

Oz Conservative: I love this guy, Mark gives us further perspective from the Commonwealth and doe it in such a way as to be highly entertaining and fit in manosphere concepts from time to time as well as butcher feminism and sexual egalitarianism on the regular. This is one of the blogs I approach for fun. Yet, there are expansive and detailed posts that are of incalculable value to the reader. 

Throne and Altar: Finally, Bonald. This is a great blog, its a little more reactionary in contrast to the others, however, I consider this a good thing. Bonald, provides an insightful look at Catholicism in the modern day, as well as monarchy, and is an excellent critic of democracy. His sidebar alone is brilliant and required reading. 

I hope my readers, get as much utility out of these three as I do. They are great writers and have been doing this for a long time. Still, giving them some patronage in the form of views will not hurt, but rather incentivize these three to keep the content coming!