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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Children and the Multi-Ethnic Society

Chinese Canadian children playing basketball in Vancouver. A poor image choice, but hey I didn't work very hard. However the point is ethnically Asian children playing a game dominated by black athletes in North America.
An interesting thought/observation today. I occasionally find myself thinking about racism. I believe this is for two reasons, firstly family has always expressed racist sentiment from time to time, despite my love for them they can be quite bigoted. Secondly, the political right has always had an unintentional and unwanted association with racist politics. Its interesting, and captivates me. Probably because I oppose large scale immigration to western countries from source countries that are linguistically and culturally estranged from the norm in the country accepting them. I wish I had a more thorough faith in assimilation, but I don't. Regardless I noticed something interesting.

That there is abundant fears on the White Nationalist and racist dens of the internet that suggest that ethnicity is deep beyond a cultural construct: agreed. Regardless, racism and dislike for another race is obviously a conditioned behavior. What most people get confused about is ethnicity and culture.

Why do I say this? Because I look out the window of my home every day, and watch a handful of children playing in the yard and parking lot of my neighborhood. Now my neighborhood is dominated by immigrants (its rather poor and near great public transit), and most of these immigrants are Muslim Somali's. Now Islam is not my favourite, but despite the odious Mohammedanism professed by the parents, all the children in my neighborhood play together: white, black, Asian, I think I even saw a Native American!  

Without issues. They do not see race in a significant sense. Tell me its a biological disdain and I will laugh at you the empirical reality is everywhere. 

It is important to note however, that these children certainly will not stay friends; cultural conditioning will likely set in sometime soon. Right now most the children are between 5 and 9 years old (I assume). The point still stands, until the parents say do not play with those kafir or someone says hey those fucking natives have been milking the system for too long. The kids do not know better. They can't: they're kids.

MULTICULTURALISM = Death of a Nation