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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Thoughts on the Evolution of Socialists to Conservatives.

Why do so many conservatives begin as socialists? It's a common pattern. 

I had to ponder this question while writing my most recent column for TheeWesterner.

I had strong socialist and Marxist inklings in my youth and it seemed to me that it enabled the liberalism I loved while also providing a sense of value and duty and perhaps even destiny. 

I am not sure I have the answer. I know that Whittaker Chambers viewed it as a substitution for faith, and I recall that Peter Hitchens viewed it in the same fashion. That most conservatives seem to lose faith in materialism and find God as an alternative (and a viable one) to the Marxist historical dialectic. 

My Brain is fried this may be an error here if so my apologies. 

Otherwise, could it be a  longing for control? a stabilization of the world around them? I can see the mystique that Marxism seems to provide. Government micromanagement both as an arbitrary means to restrict freedoms where necessary whilst also providing an amoral doctrine that facilitates the rationalizations of a cynical and hedonistic mind. Perhaps, that's why many seem to grow out of Marxist thinking. 

I'd hate to see Neoconservatives or anyone else attributing the disappearance of communist sympathies to being 'mugged by reality' yet, I am not sure if there is something else. I feel there has to be perhaps it is the search for truth that we fail to admit our own pursuit of. 

If anyone has a better explanation or some insight let me know.