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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


So, increasingly this is becoming a personal blog as opposed to a collective, and I am fine with that, but I am just typing to inform anyone who reads what my (Cole Dutton's) upcoming project's are.
I will be doing the occasional piece here; I hope once a week to post a 500-800 word piece. Although, I have found my topics increasingly difficult to identify. In addition the Conservative Standpoint book, which was drafted on this blog will be edited toward the aim of self-publishing, along with an extensive poetry and short story collection, which I may post snippets of here.

Meanwhile, I will begin to write for conservative political website Thee Westerner, which you may find here. I may also occasionally contribute to Return of King's which has taken a more traditionalist stance in the last couple of years. During all this I hope to begin drafting my third novel, which will hopefully result in a finished, and serious manuscript for submission by August, but who knows, all will depend on the fatigue of work, which is a 12 hour a day affair over the summer.

That's where I am at, and I appreciate all the readers and the time they take or took to read, what is already on this blog, and I promise to not abandon it completely. I have always been poor at writing on contemporary issues, and I prefer longer efforts a blog is, perhaps, the opposite. So my apologies, but I enjoy the time spent here regardless.

--Cole Dutton.