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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Apology to My Future Children

Dear Luke, Elizabeth, and Victoria

Sorry you will not be born. This is not my choice it is not of my doing. Your mother is problematic, and that is part of the cause. I will explain why. She has been corrupted by instructions that she must find herself, explore, and experience. She believes these concepts are somehow validating and will not lead her to endless licence and the squandering of her best years available to secure for herself a strong and stable husband. She does not realize that by the time she has explored and all the sin it entails, she will have made her personality and physicality untenable as a bargaining chip with me your father. Because I will not accept the notion that a promiscuous woman’s past is somehow divorced from her future, nor will I settle for being her second best once she has explored her options and decided I am ‘good enough’ like the good ‘Lean In’ feminists instruct her.

Not only the above, but also your mother is destined to be a narcissist with an entitlement complex because every since she hit puberty she has been exposed to the constant flirtations and flatteries of man who inhabit the dens of the internet. Couple this with the immense number of so called men who are supplicants to woman by virtue of the potential for sexual interaction and we have a problem. Though your mother may occasionally work for somethings, and indeed merit them, she will be provisioned for in such a fashion that she never ‘need’ do so: the next chump is just a phone call away. So when a man does finally call her on her bullshit, it will not be a chance to earn his respect, but rather he will be dismissed as a ‘misogynist’ a ‘prick’ an ‘asshole’ or some other banal epithet.

See children, your mother has been sold a lie: that her happiness and fulfillment is somehow disconnected from her relationship to a family, or rather that she may have it all, a career, children, an ideal husband, and an advanced education. Of course she believes she will be able to settle down with a ‘good man’ once she has been spurned by the lotharios and realizes her beauty is in decline somewhere in her thirties, but by then her capacity to have children will be irreparably damaged and you will likely be saddled with birth defects . . .  so I will stay away. Opportunity cost is lost on the modern woman who both does not understand the principle nor is aware that all her perceptions are coloured by liberalism and feminism.

I am hesitant to expand upon the difficulties with your mother. Instead I will continue onward to the main point, which is that I, your humble father, refuse to be a cog in the industrial divorce complex. The divorce complex eats men alive, ask your grandfather or perhaps your great-grandfather, and innumerable other men, who found themselves divorced when their wives filed under such nonsense terms as unhappiness. These men, your peers, relatives, friends, and family, find themselves threatened with imprisonment banished from interactions with their own children and pledged to support the maintenance of a wife’s standard of living, which she often did little to merit. This odious system does not stop there however, a man like your father could be forced to pay for children which are not his own by virtue of a wife’s infidelity, or he could be accused of battery or domestic violence simply for standing up for himself or accidentally making physical contact with his wife. It sounds far fetched I know! But many a woman has been known to threaten self-harm like a petulant child if a father did not follow instructions.

The fundamental problem of all this is not just the stacked legal deck my children, but that I as your father have no means to protect my family from the vicissitudes imparted by my emotive wife. Her feminine solipsistic reasoning will predispose her to rationalize any nefarious or duplicitous behavior on her own behalf, and therefore she needs checks upon such conduct, but those checks are gone.  Those checks disappeared with no-fault divorce, no longer will our family be kept whole by a legal system that enshrines its protection; instead I could be tossed divorce papers at any time and told to leave my own home and you children by virtue of state coercion. Now you see the evil. Women initiate approximately 70% of divorces and a large percentage of the 30% of husband initiated divorce may be a result of the wife’s neglect and coercion so odds are your mother will destroy our family: it is an unpleasant reality.

Finally, even if I were to become a good Christian man as I so want to do, so I can raise you in a proper God fearing household, you will not have that luxury either, and therefore I refuse to bring you into the world. This is because they Church rightly puts immense importance upon marriage, however or state has bastardized the institution to the extent that I would not consider it tenable to marry your mother even if she was a holy image of feminine virtue and grace. And it is for this reason I will not join the church because I cannot trust fallen women on their own to uphold the sanctity of their vows even in the light of divinity. The church cannot protect my children and therefore I will not join the church. This is the tragedy of the family I will never have and this is why I wrote to you.

With much love