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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I've Begun to Appreciate Trump

Author: Cole Dutton

Although I can't help but admit that he is a contemptuous blowhard I still have found myself beginning to like Donald Trump.

This to me this can be reconciled because Donald Trump may be the only hope that remains for defeating the Republican establishment. The defeat is well deserved because the Republican Party has managed to ignore the wishes of the electorate for the last 15 years: perhaps longer.

And although much can be said against Donald Trump, most legitimately in the policy sphere, where in many cases he seems to bluster through answers rather than reply a cogent response. I am more than happy to see the resurgence of nationalism in the political sphere in the greatest most powerful country in the world.

Such a notion is a is especially pertinent to the immigration debate which for once may extend beyond the simple advocacy of mass immigration for the sake of economic gain.

What I hope Trump represents like the National Front in France, the UK Independence Party in Great Britain, the Swedish Democrats, and many other like wise traditionalist and nationalist parties across Europe is a resurgence in discussions about what it means to be a culture what it means to be a nation and what it means to honour tradition and be bound by it.