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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Thoughts GOP Foreign Policy Debate

The failed project that is the GOP. 

From Canada, I write on the Republican debate on foreign policy held in Vegas on December 15, 2015. All I can say, and I did observe the spectacle in its entirety, is that I am terrified. Not simply for America, but all other free countries, which consider themselves her ally.

Why you may ask? 

Because the debate was held on foreign policy and yet no one seemed to have any reasonable strategy to secure America. Surprisingly Trump, and Paul possibly came out the best in the whole affair, but no one appeared intelligent or nuanced. I understand an electoral debate is an odious process, but I fear that many of these candidates mean what they say.

I am particularly concerned about the hardline polices proposed for Syria. The fact that America has not surrendered the notion of ousting Assad, that these buffoons still believe in a moderate, Sunni, opposition, and that a no fly zone, in a region where Russia is operating is seen as tenable rather than a catalyst for placing America in a position of great danger if not war.

Then there was Fiorina's comments about controlling the South China see and restricting Beijing; I fail to see how creating another enemy in America's largest trading partner, and destroying the work of Nixon and Kissinger would serve the Republican party.

Its not that the Republican party is full of fools, but rather they all seem to be the farthest thing from conservative and that is hawkish. Ready to bluster, and challenge, and ultimately lay the lives of other peoples children on the line without due consideration. That callousness is not the origin of good policy.

Finally, I fail to see how any establishment candidate can beat Trump: Trump operates on a different plain one that, it seems, no one is willing to challenge him on. It's not that Trump is any smarter, or abler, than his competitors it's simply that he is listening to the electorate and no one else is. Couple this with the fact that all the candidates act as though they are patriotic, they fail to truly express a reasonable nationalist sentiment. No one can beat Trump until they acknowledge that American's may well love America, more than they love freedom, and hate Obama.