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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Mosque and the Church

The engagement with the Islamic State may finally bury the idea that the Liberal West has any effective opposition to the assent of Islamism. Yet, the idea that radical Islam could or Islam itself could gain any form of toehold in the Western World is a new one; only the tide of secularization lowered the guard to the extent that our immigrants would see any future in the western world and desultory and meaningless. This is the true story of ISIS. 

We may continue to profess a war of ideas, but we are wrong, Islamism is not about ideas, it does not communicate on a rational plane; Christianity, likewise bypasses the plane of the rational. Instead, they communicate on the level of faith and providence, a need completely divorced from the huaman capacity to reason. 

Dinesh D'Souza touched on the argument in his book  The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, he identifies the hedonism, cynicism, solipsism, and nihilism of modern culture as the key actuating force for the moral outrage held by the Islamic world. Contrary to president George W. Bush, the Islamists do not hate "our freedoms" rather they hate our hedonism or degeneracy and our love of consumption. 

We can drop bombs on the Islamists for years, that won't fill the hole in the heart of the western world, the soul has evacuated the body in the west and we are left hallow: all purpose has vacated us. Look at our excesses, can one comfortably assert that despite or in fact because of all our wealth we are not scrambling to fill a void. The City of God and the world of the Transcendent have left the western world behind, the consecrated ground upon which we walk has become nothing by dirt. We have no reason or means to articulate the defense of western "Values" and we have lost touch with the sphere of the divine. Only a return to the Church can fill the void, and yet this return to the fold is unlikely. The pleasures, and the fallen and myopic nature of man will prevent it. Instead, our young people will continue to search for meaning in distant lands dominated by a violent and twisted prophetic vision. 

The only way we can save western civilization is embracing the church and repudiating the validity of the Manichean worldview proffered by Islam. We are not only at political odds with Islamism, but rather spiritual odds, and we are not even fighting, we are losing because we have put no challenger forward to oppose the scourge. 

Or in plainer terms only a god can defeat a god, but we have turned our back on him.