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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Chrystia Freeland: Canada's Minister of Treachery

Canadians Have Become Stupid

Observe Canada, what your hunger for change has purchased you; your pretty boy Prime Minister has stacked his cabinet with the most emotive and unreasoned of plebs, the modern Canadian woman fifteen in total: I would like to focus on one such creature an incognizant, emotive, and gutless Liberal Chrystia Freeland, who appeared on Bill Maher November 21, 2015.  
I know nothing of Freeland, except that in under one hour she was able to call forth more bile than any other politician in recent memory. And though, I am far from a fan of Bill Maher, on the issue of Islam he is exemplary, and this is where he and Freeland clashed the hardest.
Maher starts by asserting that polling numbers in America have concluded that 56% of Americans believe that Islam has values that are at odds with their own. Particularly, liberal democracy, which I have my own concerns with, but not in the shape of the Islamists. Maher immediately sets up the conditions for Freeland’s embarrassment by stating, “this is what liberals don’t want to recognize.”

Canada’s Leaders Cannot Forget Ideology Even for An Instant

After a brief quote from David Cameron, condemning forced marriage, honour violence, FGM, and other heinous crimes. Which, shockingly . . . proliferate in Britain’s large Muslim minority. Maher goes on to state that all religions are not equal, a shocking admission from a liberal, and that in fact we need to confront the issue of Islamic exceptionalism
Freeland of course strongly disagrees. . . .  She cites “real diversity” as the remedy for the ills of Islamic extremism. Not realizing that her first antidote is just what got Europe into the position it now occupies. Nor does she recognize that the “diversity is our strength” agenda in Canada has left us a nation of confused, frustrated, impotent, and self-effacing pussies.
She happens to be emblematic of such propagandizing; forced upon the nation by her Prime Minister’s father Pierre Trudeau. Who saw it as necessary to destroy everything Canada was and replace it with a fleshless liberal skeleton constructed on paper rights and void of muscular institutions and a brain built on tradition.
Bill Maher is close to the key here, he nearly admits Christianity is the answer, by admitting its superiority to Islam. Bill Maher, may not know that St Augustine wrote in City of God book XI, that the scripture necessarily required interpretation, or that authority vested in hierarchy makes it easier for the church to expunge ill ideas; nor was he likely thinking “Jesus . . . said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” But he knew, like most intelligent people know, that Christianity has at its heart a very different institutional and theological framework. A framework, evolved over hundreds of generations that makes Christianity much more amenable to modern life and human flourishing.

But I digress. .  . .

When Freeland is confronted by the fact that multiculturalism means acceptance of the barbaric, in this case, FMG, spousal violence, honor killings, the lynching of gays etc. . . . She cannot say these things are wrong; despite her best efforts, her liberalism, her belief in universal freedom and equality prohibit her from voiding the equality of ideas. This is a phenomenon Aristotle predicted in Politics. “[E]quality requires that whatever the multitude desires is authoritative, and freedom and equality involve doing what one wants.” What this means is that democrats believing they are equal in rights, believe they are equal in thoughts, ideas, morality, and countless other things, and equality prohibits a hierarchical relationship. All discourse and information devolves into opinion. That is what Freeland sees, opinion, and either the majority of people or she cannot recognize her erroneous arguments as such.
Freeland then continues, “the culture is not worse,” and “Muslims are not worse than Christians or Jews.” As if I or anyone else cares about a Muslim person in absence of their faith?
Ben Domenech interjects to explain that polling in Islamic countries shows widespread sympathy for the sharia, and other horrifying practices; Turkey being 8% in support of ISIS this theoretically secularized nation, perhaps the most moderate Muslim nation in the world, and 6 million people are sympathetic toward ISIS? Freeland cannot wrap her head around it, her PC and Liberal alarm bells keep crying out with dissonance, but all she can do is squeak.

Freeland Knows Canadian Culture Better Than Canadians

Freeland replies to her interlocutors with the banality of “our culture is a diverse one” sure, it has to be, Canada no longer has one. She has the audacity to lecture Canadians on the supposed shared values and traditions of the nation. Ideas established in living memory with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; there is nothing historical about them. At least in America they wrote the constitution down before the social justice warrior generation took over . . . ours is a product of the 20th century, and our unwritten precedents have all been rejected.

Maher Breaks Freeland’s Brain

“Are you saying by definition the Muslim faith is worse than other faiths?” Freeland asked.
“Yes,” Maher replied. Skip ahead, “what about Indonesia . . . the moderate country . .  . only 18% believe in honour killings.”
Offhand Indonesia has an approximate population of 250 million. That’s 45 million people who think honour killing is potentially justified. If Freeland could math, she would recognize that that is 10 million more people than the population of her native country, but still it is our fault for demonizing Muslims.
Finally, and to conclude, Freeland comes back to the great straw man: “the bible says, ‘an eye for an eye.’” If she had read, anything theological, or any serious Christian apologetics, which her liberal education would not bother to teach, because that is a product of cis privileged old white men, she would realize that scriptural literalism has long been in contention is Christian thought; Allah makes no such accommodations for revisionism, and here lies the problem.
Freeland does not understand culture, statistics, or philosophy, and she can’t ideology gets in the way, but here are some numbers for Freeland, from the Ayan Hirsi Ali’s new book Heretic:
Percentage of Muslims in 3 countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Iraq) countries with high emigration to America.
Favour the death penalty for apostates Pakistan 75% Bangladesh 43% Iraq 41%
Say that Sharia is revealed word of god Pakistan 81% Bangladesh 65% Iraq 69%
Religious leaders should have. . . large influence  Pakistan 54% Bangladesh 69% Iraq 57%
Say honour killings are justified Pakistan 55% Bangladesh 66% Iraq 78%

I could go on. Our values indeed.