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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Definition of Conservatism

What Makes a Conservative, at least one drawn from the British tradition and not the American liberal conflation?

I was asked in a comment to define my stance, and so I will. I am going to write the basic principles "I" believe underline the conservatives conception of the world, and then expand upon them in my book at a later date, but for now here they are. I do not claim such thoughts are original, but as much as possible they are mine.

1. The Conservative knows all good is predicated on order and allegiance.

2. The Conservative looks to the past, and the great body of historical knowledge for answers.

3. The Conservative knows that the social contract espoused by Burke is the only one.

4. The Conservative believes in absolute truth both spiritually and empirically.

5. The Conservative believes virtue is the key to politics.

6. The Conservative Recognizes all men are flawed and perfection and futility are synonyms.

7. The Conservative protects property.

8. The Conservative does not claim to know what is best for other societies.

9. The Conservative knows big business is just as dangerous as big government

10. The Conservative affects all things with moderation not recklessness.