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Friday, 9 October 2015

Mohammed, Outrage and Pride in the West

I recently watched the official video of the much alluded to conference in Denmark on the [I believe] fifth anniversary of the publishing of the Danish Mohammed cartoons, later only published in Canada by brave Ezra Levant, the event sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Culture and put on by Free Press Society of Denmark, was muted, but proud. Two very captivating and powerful speeches took place: one by Canada’s own Mark Steyn who despite the occasional wacky opinion is a powerful advocate for western confidence, strength, and identity in the face of those who would seek to erase it and Douglas Murray the venerable and sagacious operator of the Henry Jackson Society, and one of the most powerful unabashed and intellectual voices of Europe; Douglas, has been know to address the anger at immigration in Britain and elsewhere, why, because he knows, like Enoch Powell knew, that if you do not address the issue someone else will.

I am going to post the videos and the Mohammed cartoons, from Jyllands Post and Charlie Hebdo, because they need to be posted, in solidarity, and in the spirit of sharing the danger; Ayaan Hirsi Ali and countless others called for the publication of the cartoons in every western media outlet to no avail.

And to anyone who has the time or care to watch them they may also indulge in two of the most soulful and powerful laments for a culture that no longer loves itself or even knows what it itself is.

Any thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear them.