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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Was The Ashely Madison Leak Necessary?

The growing Ashley Madison conflagration had yet to draw me in, but now, with the a recent story from Global News about the persecution of homosexual men in Islamic nations I felt the urgent need to comment. Not because I seek to make any apology for their acts or the fact that many may have been adulterers, but rather to suggest that such a horrible outcome need not have happened.

A group of gay men in Karachi, Jakarta, Delhi, Riyadh and many other places are suffering under an undeserved lash for the solipsism and moral descent of the west. I original presumed the leak was truly only a western phenomenon and did not understand that the tendrils of the odious corporation stretched so broadly. Now I know better.

Throughout my writing I have maintained that it is the responsibility of the state and the electorate to craft the moral society in which they would like to live. This means actively holding yourself and your neighbors accountable for the universal benefit. Ashley Madison is one such instance of where liberalism prevailed over the proper and reasonable moralization that could have been engineered through the people or the state.

I maintain that the Ashley Madison persecution and leak did not have to happen.

The alleged suicides I believe are not the fault of the hackers nor the public. The people who chose to self-destruct in the wake of leaks had it coming. But I would insist that in hindsight the hackers at anonymous did a much more egregious thing than simply invade privacy. The robbed the government of a legitimate function on behalf of the social organism. The government should have recognized the catastrophic harm a site dedicated to adulterous conduct could have had on the nation's marriages and through collective actions both internal and multinational and blocked the site from local servers; if possible nations should have even shut down the insidious corporation before a need was felt to expose its feculent sins to the world. At least governments make an effort to adhere to their own privacy law.

Anonymous knew that there was mass public support for their invasion into Ashley Madison and in fact they also knew they held the moral high ground against such a degenerate nemesis, but in not seeing both the social and moral harm engendered by the insidious website the government and the western world exposed us all to horrid vigilante justice and the exposure of our most private lives. This may only lead to a well deserved divorce in the west, but unfortunately our brothers in the islamic world have a great deal more to be concerned about.

Image Courtesy of Fobos92 @ Wikimedia Commons