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Monday, 28 September 2015

Racists in Our Midst: A Screed Against the White Nationalists Part 5

This is part 5 of an extensive essay that was intended as portion of my book and conservative standpoint series. However, with the modern course of events and the explosion of racist conversation among social media users and in the public forum it mutated. I will post a new post in the essay on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This post briefly exposes the proliferation of racist ideas on social media and the way these ideas are becoming more acceptable in public  discourse and national dialogue particularly in the United States. 

But really, how are the public being made aware of the landslide of feculent ideas boiling out of the underground racists community, and if they are being made aware what is making them more tolerant toward these topics in the public forum?

This proposition seems answerable by regarding two obvious examples. First is the cuckservative meme and associated WN/White genocide derived memes. The second is the rise of Trump in the polls, not because I believe Trump is a racist, or even stupid, but I do think he is a demagogue who has no qualms with people reading into his incendiary rhetoric what they please.

With regards to the first example, conservatives, and those would classify themselves as something else have certainly witnessed the flood of memes in the twittersphere that represent white genocide; individuals have also likely read the term cuckservative as it is launched upon individuals such as Jeb Bush, or really anyone in the republican candidacy that is not Trump. The same term has also been used to slander anyone who has centrist tendencies on any policy point. If you favour even marginal immigration in your country, then sorry:  you’re a cuckservative.

The proponents of this term insist that it is not racialized. Milo Yiannopoulos said as much in a column on Brietbart. I like Milo, but here he is wrong and obviously so. A blogger who goes by soopermexican did the digging, and offered some empirical evidence of his treatment at the hands of the interlocutors who advocate for the use of the term. Sooper managed to find the sources of the original cuckservative tweets as well as the definition that originated in WN circles. He wrote a post about it and took to twitter to test out whether or not the primary body that used the term was in fact racist. Immediately after callingthe term racist he was slandered as a beaner, wetback, illegal immigrant, and Israeli sycophant. As soon as someone agrees with him, who happens to be black and conservative, the man using the handle experiences vituperation immediately for being a nigger and told to go back to Africa. The results and the language speak for themselves it is a racist term. It was and is contagious and conservatives on the twittersphere are buying it.

Just as bad is the meme machine, which seems innocuous, but I believe is Freudian in its effects. I’ll just leave these here:

Amongst this cacophony, another voice has emerged, and without lingering too long on Trump I will simply point out that he speaks beyond the pale when he makes gaffes such as referring to Mexicans as murders and rapists; or when he remained complicit when a questioner asked him what the United States needed to do about Muslims, Trump went so far as to suggest we need to get ‘rid of them [the words of the questioner, not Trump],’ It’s problematic not so much because he said those words, but rather that he failed to rescind or reframe the discussion in more polite terms. In an article titled, ‘White Supremacists Lining up behind Trump,’ journalist John Edwards writes about how Trump is affecting dialogue in America, and I agree with his basic conclusions.  With Trump we can safely say the medium is the message. (loud obnoxious cynical pejorative etc) implicit support for more than he says gives the impression that he would do and say more if he wasn’t on the campaign trail. It’s obvious that Donald Trump cannot (directly) account for the supporters who choose to follow him, but it seems he is attracting an ever more vociferous and toxic clientele. In this case the followers of Trump were the leader brothers who assaulted a Hispanic homeless man with a metal pole and then told the police that Trump was right and the illegal's have to be deported.

The Leader brothers are indicative of another trend and that is growing White Nationalist Sympathy and support for Donald Trump. The SPLC has catalogued a number of WN supporters of Trump including: Gregory Hood/Radix Journal, Brad Griffin/Occidental Dissent, Richard Spencer/National Policy Institute, Jared Taylor/American Renaissance, Andrew Anglin/Daily Stormer. To be fair none of the individuals cited overwhelmingly supported Trump in their discourse, but all praised him as both an enemy of illegal immigration and immigration in general, and they also praised him for exposing his fellow Republicans for being RINO’S and Cuckservatives for their support of legal immigration and their reluctance to openly and aggressively challenge the status quo on illegal immigration.