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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Racists in Our Midst: A Screed Against the White Nationalists Part 1

This is part 1 of an extensive essay that was intended as portion of my book and conservative standpoint series. However, with the modern course of events and the explosion of racist conversation among social media users and in the public forum it mutated. I will post a new post in the essay on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

 The focus is on why racism is building in conservative circles, why it is unconservative and what we can do about it. Without further introduction . . .  here is the introduction!

Part 1 Introduction:

                                                                          [Image from Vice News] 

I may be chastised for writing such a broad an unapologetic jeremiad: that is okay. In this piece of writing I hope I may, and indeed I shall, as best I can, highlight the growing invidious elements within the conservative movement in America. Who are these subversives? They are the White Nationalist movement, which like a cuckoo lays its eggs amongst the conservatives and then claims paternity and heritage from credible conservative sources. However, I intend to refute this claim and make apparent how it is that these white supremacists are both fallacious and unconservative in their reasoning. The fact that these individuals have crawled forth from the public sewer into the marketplace of ideas still has to be accounted for however, and hence why I am writing this now.

I had originally intended to write on the Burkean conception of prejudice (and it will still receive attention), but I also found myself overwhelmed by the degenerate discourse taking place in the public forum online, on television, and on the campaign trail. The fact that the spawn of the Ku Klux Klan and their ilk have managed to pollute the waters in, which conservatives swim is distressing, and the presumptions and ideas that make this possible must in some capacity be examined. A handful of ideas stand virtually alone in making this connection possible and making conservatives sympathetic to the White Nationalist (from here on WN) movement in America.

First among the ideas by which one may account for the ability of WN activists and supporters to ingratiate themselves amongst the larger conservative public is the failure of the public to recognize the conservative historical tradition. What is meant by this is that few in the general public or the media do not have any true concept of the means through conservative epistemology and philosophy evolved, nor does conservatives themselves, to any significant extent, understand their own intellectual tradition. This allows them to embrace the race ‘realist’ movement in an uncritically fashion without denouncing its implications for the humanitarian aims of traditional conservative thought: I will expand upon this later.

Second among factors that facilitate the unknown sublimation of these WN ideas into the greater conservative whole is the misreading and misinterpretation of the racist and often subversive publications issued on policy by specific think tanks/policy institutes and media publications that profess membership in the conservative body. These groups are especially duplicitous because they cloak their works in a veneer of science whilst also promoting policy, which if not conservative, is in fact at least marginally similar: they appeal to conservative sympathy in respect to nationalism, fear, agrarianism, tradition and the like.

The fact that these unscrupulous publications exist would not be problematic if it were not for the fact that they are so easily accessed and misread by the wider conservative public, those who are incapable, or lack the education, to discriminate between the bedrock of the conservative conception and the chameleon.

In brief who makes up the better part of these publications? The leaders list as it were of WN hate? In no particular order: Stormfront, New Observer, American Renaissance, Daily Stormer, Radix Journal, National Policy Institute, Pioneer Foundation, and Occidental quarterly among many other less influential groups, but the ones highlighted are pertinent largely because they have so successfully subverted scrutiny due to the anonymity (as well as the capacity to construct an identity) of the internet.

From this point we are led to the third way by which conservatives and the WNs find themselves placed under the same banner. This time, however, blame cannot be reasonably placed upon either group, rather the account must settle on the left of the fourth estate, who in seeking to discredit conservatives use the pejorative racist out of context to slur those whom they disagree. To put it mildly, to many leftist and liberal commentators, as well as the public, everyone is racist. To the left conservatives are racist strictly based on nomenclature, but in an adversarial relationship where propriety, and inquiry, are quickly giving way. Why bother but to paint your opposition in the most unflattering light? As we will see this tendency to brand anyone on the broad political ‘right’ as racist has done undue harm by legitimizing real WN sympathies.  

Finally, I ask is the WN movement growing in power and influence? It isn’t clear and I hope it is not. However, I believe we are seeing an expansion in what qualifies for appropriate public discussion however; this is shocking because it indicates that there is a growing countenance when confronted by these ideas in polite society and a reluctance to marginalize them outright or even evaluate them critically among conservatives who consider themselves part of an ideology based upon tradition, impulse, affinity, and prejudice, as opposed to reflection.

To bring everything to a close we must ask, conclusively, how conservatives are able to disassociate themselves from the noxious and debilitating associations of the malign and growing influence of the WN lobby.