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Sunday, 16 August 2015

I Don't Like the Conservative Party, but I Like Stephen Harper.

Something strange is going on: I like our Prime Minister.

A Stephen Harper, a mystery of  man and the object of immense scorn from my peers people, who conflate his icy blue gaze with a soulless robot, and his engineered grin with evil unbound.

Well my friends strike me down right now, because I have a confession to make: I like our Prime Minister. I like him because he is in control; he is thoughtful; and he perhaps the most unlikely Prime Minister this nation has ever had. Mr Harper maybe slightly authoritarian, but so am I. Mr Harper, is perhaps a mild sociopath, but sometimes I believe I am as well, and you know what? Stephen Harper also stands as a testament to the political will of the individual and the capacity for vacillation in the electorate, sure we had charming Jean Chretien, but now we have Mr Harper, we don’t have to like someone to begrudge that they are a skilled politician.

I will make this clear however, I do not like the Conservative Party of Canada, that horrible amalgamation of Reform, Alliance, and Progressive Conservatives that synthesized out of a need to defeat our first past the post system. But Stephen Harper, whatever his flaws is perhaps the only person who could maintain such an unruly coalition of bandits, libertarians, social conservatives, and Old Tories, sure he has alienated his enemies and allies alike, but at least he is no coward in the face of political opposition.

Or perhaps I am getting this whole read wrong. The point is, I doubt any other Prime Minister would have been so adept during the last decade, and because to me his remains human and an underdog, I like the man, and that alone will nearly secure my vote. I like Stephen Harper, first and foremost because he doesn’t care if you like him and that shows character.