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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Some Clarity on Military Actions

Author Cole D

I am just writing a brief post to clarify my opinion on foreign affairs, specifically military matters, in the wake of some of the criticisms I have received about the Conservative Standpoint on Foreign Policy and the Military. Much of this criticism has originated from those in the more bellicose comments sections of American News sites.

I would like to point out first of all that I do not believe that a pacifist United States, or any other great power is a good thing, but rather mutual respect and cooperation between great and regional powers is necessary to ensure global stability.

However, key to my opinion on foreign policy, and what makes it conservative, is that it knows its limits and what it can and cannot achieve. This means that the intelligent conservative recognizes that we cannot improve outcomes with military means, generally speaking, except in the absolute worst case scenarios.  

It is up to ministers to make the snap decisions of whether or not military force be applied. All I wish to do is establish the criteria that for foreign powers to escalate in a region outside their borders it must be an act of last resort. An act, which will occur only when the absolute worst case scenarios are within reach or already occurring: in this case I would suggest genocide, possible genocide, crimes against humanity— beyond the scope of practical wartime conduct; with this recognition comes the notion that military annexation may not in and of itself require foreign intervention. Instead, the acquiescence of a small power to a hegemon may actually serve as a means to reduce bloodshed, whereas if an outside power deliberately involves itself bloodshed would almost certainly increase.

Again. I do not insist upon a pacifist America, or a defanged and militarily debilitated United States, but rather one that acts with a moral duty to help those citizens who occupy the territories upon which it acts. This by necessity entails that actions have unintended consequences and the most severe action possible is military action, therefore we should be certain that circumstances cannot become any more dire before the military method is used. 

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