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Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Thought on Education

Was just watching this wonderful Question Time clip featuring Roger Scruton where the
audience was given a chance to ask a question about education. One
insightful member commented that, perhaps, we should be abandoning the
secondary degrees as a necessity for teaching qualifications and it made
me think that perhaps and an education degree in and of itself is not
the best means to produce teachers. And in fact the requirement of a
degree in education or secondary degree may act as disincentive for
the best teachers, or those individuals who wish to return to their
field and teach after a life spent in the public or private sector.

speaking, I know I have had professors who were much better teachers
than the ones I experienced in my Elementary and Secondary school years,
and though there are exceptions to the rule i think it does deserve
some consideration.

The appropriate section begins at 9:40